Monday, August 14, 2006

Bad Lads

Many young blokes are thoughtless, uncaring, selfish, dumb and don't take responsibility for the actions, but are generally 'good kids'. Not these ones mentioned below. They are bad, nasty, vindictive and we want them out. Two cases of threatened assault and one of assault for starters.

This is an edited text from our body corporate manager to the apartment's owner. It would seem one of the lads is the owner's son. Our body corp manager is a fearsomely tenacious Canadian born hard case. I certainly would not take her on. I am glad she on my side. It seems like the $38,000 spent on an cctv upgrade is worthwhile.

Thank you for your recent correspondence and denial of the breach of noise disturbance emanating from your apartment.

I am unclear as to the relationship, if any, with the residents of your apartment, but I write again to appeal to you and them to resolve these matters of behaviour once and for all.

Of late, the residents, (unclear whether it is B...... or his roomate(s)), have been found to be breaching or disruptive in the following areas:

Driving too fast in the car park
Parking in car spaces other than apt. ** and not having the correct vehicle stickers
Verbally abusive to other residents and the building/body corporate staff
Causing a disturbance that required police to attend the property
Tampering with body corporate property for which they have been caught on the video surveillance system (evening 06/08/06)
Damaging body corporate property and facilities - beer bottles depostited in landscaping outside property and left in lifts
Harrassing neighbours and general disregard for other residents

I know B...... will disagree/deny all of the above in the persausive manner he has in dealing with anyone who has found them out. He has always responded with a shocked/don't know what you're talking about look on his face when I have confronted him at the building. He obviously takes me for a fool in this behaviour but is not doing his reputation any good trying to deny things that we have on tape.

I have given him every oportunity to come clean (so to speak) with his actions and those of his roommates. I have pleaded with him to behave and not cause a disturbance but he has totally disregarded my advice.

The recent spate of misbehaviour, which is now captured on video, is only the latest in a long line of deliberate actions, which demosnstrates a serious lack of respect for mutual surroundings and fellow residents. I sincerely request that you have B.... contact me to arrange a time to meet with his roommates and me in an effort to find some way forward that works for us all.

We are currently taking additional steps to document all incidents in the future so that there will be no lack of evidence or facts in relation to breaches attribuatable to the residents of your apartment at ........

I hope we can come to an amicable arrangement as the current situation will not be tolerated.


  1. CCTV is a wonderful thing

  2. Yes and no. Wait for a post on it.