Monday, July 10, 2006

Tuesday is good

I like the mid week days, especially when I am not working. Tomorrow promises to be extra good.

I have not mentioned it, but ten days after our aircon was repaired, it failed to proceed again. Circuitry was wet, as it was last time. We can't understand how a weatherproof unit sitting on a balcony can suffer from wet, but it has. Back to the fan heaters and a wait for the parts.

Tomorrow the man comes to fix it. I will be happy.

Oldest niece, not the one who stayed, returns from Surfers Paradox and nephew has already returned from from Dunk Island. Their mother who is picking daughter up from airport phoned today and said she will call in. So I will see gorgeous, but overweight and unfriendly to us niece, and very laid back and long messied haired nephew, and of course always great to see sis in law.

Then R has to attend a body corporate committee meeting, so there will be lots of juicy goss after that. The new security system is under strain trying to identify who was smoking on the landing of level 14. Actually they dropped their but and burnt the carpet.

Life is good.


  1. Just leave me hanging by thumbs why don't you? The White Swan is driving me crazy. None of my oldies know or can't remember.

  2. Yeah, I am still wondering.