Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Surrounded Sound

I like the concept of surround sound. Being enveloped by the sound track, the music, the dialogue stong in your ear.

It was a bit of a fave night for tv tonight. New Inventors, Spicks and Specks, some UK show I can't remember the name of, Glasshouse, Movie show.

But I had been busy today out with people and had phone calls to make as well. R had worked and then had to come home and immediately set to and polish the building newsletter, with some help from me.

There was much to discuss and much to watch on tv. So we wrestled the remote from each other at time to time. One of us would grab it and turn the volume down, the other would turn it up a few minutes later. Back and forth.

At one point when on the phone, I could have kicked in the tv. Too loud.

A bit later I recalled back when I connected the tv to the sound system. My tolerance for being enveloped in sound lasted about an hour. It then annoyed me. All the sound around me I can't think.

Home theatre, surround sound is a wonderful thing if you like to pretend you are in a movie theatre and watch something, but for day to day use, nah, don't like. I won't be spending money I don't have on surround sound special technology.


  1. We've got surround sound at casa del craphole.

    I think we spent $2,500 getting it all up and running. But the system is very underpowered for the room size and having a 29 year old TV doesn't really help with the movie experience; we only use the surround part for DVD's.

    We went to the 50 years of TV shebang at ACMI and we saw our television on display, one of those old AWA's. Mum was very smitten by that.

  2. 29 year old tele. Wonderful. Inspired a post for me. I hate correcting anyone's language, but shouldn't it be Casa del Craphola?

  3. We had the first colour TV in our street just in time for the lib voters to come in and watch Gough get trounced. This was while the ex was working at the election booth for Labor and they had the cheek to cheer as each seat fell. The neighbours have gone but the TV is still going.

  4. That is one old tv. Do I read this right? Electoral officers cheered as Labor seats fell?

  5. No the Lib voting neighbours sitting in our Labor loungeroom did that. I was too polite to throw them out.

  6. My sister has surround sound in a smallish flat. The first time she put on a movie, a lion roared and she had to scrape the cat off the ceiling.

  7. Surround sound disturbs my senses. I guess it did for the poor pussy too.