Monday, July 10, 2006

Seems I am not the only one

I haven't done it for a long and I cannot even remember why I needed to do it now, but there was a time when it was useful.

I read on someone's blog how many people use the zip code of Beverly Hills, California when asked for their zip code at a check out.

I have done that when I needed a zip code to sign up for something on net that wanted a US zip code. Beverly Hills 90210. American tv has a lot to answer for (no, never actually watched it).

What strikes me about what I have written above is not knowing a US zip code, coz that was useful information I might have sought anyway, but that I knew even before the www that US used zip codes, like we have post codes. Even as a potential anglophile, I don't know what the UK call their very complicated codes.

How come so many of us in Oz know what the US call their postal code but you can bet they don't know what ours is?

Ah, I know where the blame lies, Reader's Digest and Time magazine and their perforated detachable subscribe forms.

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