Thursday, July 13, 2006

Rank Arena

As previously mentioned, I was at my mother's house last week. Her aircon broke down last summer. The repair man came and he had never even heard of a Rank Arena air conditioner, let alone find parts for it. She replaced it with a second hand Daiken.

News for him. Her cooling air con has worked without fault for around thirty years, as has her Rank Arena tv. She has a much newer tv in store in another room, ready to replace the Rank Arena when it expires, but you know, I thought the Rank had quite a good picture. It is pre remote though.

I started to think about Rank Arena. I recall Rank movies and assumed they are connected and it was an American brand.


  1. Wikipedia is your friend...

    Rank was a UK based companey originally owning all of the large UK based film studios (including pinewood, makers of the 007 series), Odeon cinemas.

    I don't know where the rank TV brand comes in but you are right about the movies part.

    Heh our house is full of old faux-timber encased electrical stuff.

  2. I remember the name with electrical equipment and movies. Long time a galaxy where Beta still existed

  3. Casa del Crapola does sound interesting Bobby.

    Rob, a neighbour had a collection of aruond 100 movies on beta tapes. Every so often as a beta machine broke down, she would have to hunt for another second hand one. Have you any idea how heavy those machines were? Even VHS was nearly as heavy.

  4. This bothered me all night (again) and I remembered the old British films with the huge bronze gong that a big muscle man used to bang at the beginning.