Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Old woman

Well she is not so old. She is about R's age or younger. Her hair was curly blonde when she worked as a building manager/cleaner in our building. Her hair has suddenly become grey. She is a bit common. She drops the occasional conluding letter and she pronounces Essendon in that very special way. Over half of Melbourne's population pronounce this surburb in the same way, so I should not be so critical.

She is managing a building at Docklands now while the regular manager is on leave. I am proud of her. I knew she was good from the first time I met her. Fancy being in charge of 300 apartments? She has an assistant manager, and a cleaning co-ordinator under her. One day last week, 7 move in/out. She is outgoing and friendly as well. But she is one tough lady, 50 odd, slim, nice looking.........but tough, and she knows how far a bit of gentle flirting will get you. I have seen her in action.


  1. She's not managing the Watergate now, is she?

  2. Clever. Had coffee with her yesterday. Interesting building. She showed me the north tower entrance and the middle entrance and the podium facilities. Lovely looking pool. For some reason we ended up in the bin room and gassed by an electronic deodorisr.I did not see inside an apartment.

    Say hi and mention me to her but not the blog. :)

  3. Anonymous8:52 pm

    Now I really want to know what this special way of saying Essendon is!

  4. I am not sure why it happens, but some people drop the middle n. Without the n, it really sounds quite different. Another post inspired. Ta. You must have some words like that too in Canada.