Monday, July 10, 2006

Losing battle

I fight a losing battle. I am now subsrcibed to 43 blogs through bloglines. Thanks for the advice GG. About bloglines that is. Quite a few are infrequent posters and it is no hardship to read their occasional post. Some are great and interesting and clever blogs and I read them always, but there is not anything much personal in them. Some are both, but they don't post often, obviously busy in Bacchus Marsh.

The real losing battle is my linked blog list. For me it it is the personal that makes a blog interesting. That is knowing a bit about the person and what they are interested in. Some posts are personal, some aren't. For me, that makes a good blog. As much as I try to limit my linked bloggers, this lass in Australia with a funny accent works for me. Can you say 'about' please Jess?


  1. Sorry matey, I'm letting the team down at the moment...

  2. I really wasn't thinking of you M!key. Bloggers come and go. It serves there purpose to blog for a while. They may have a leave of absence, permanent or otherwise. Besides, the Tour de France is on. I would hardly expect you to be writing much anyway. Australia not wearing yellow? What are we doing wrong? We need better drugs I think.