Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I am embarrassed

Chinook helicopters arrived to remove Americans from Lebanon. An Italian ship arrives to remove their folk. UK has sent two ships with four more to follow. Canada sent a ship for their people. We Aussies have the same number of our citizens in Lebanon as does the UK. How are we getting them out?

Well, since we were gazumped on our modest Turkish ferry booking, we are begging favours from UK and Canada to get our citizens out on their ships.

We cannot even bring dead soldiers home from a war zone without horrendous mistakes and stuffed up investigations, let alone get live people out of Lebanon.

Thanks Howard for reminding us of our place in the big picture.

Shallow queen that I am, it is all about appearances and it does not appear well.

I am embarrassed to be an Australian.

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  1. Yeah, this has been a little nuts. I have really been wondering if this is "business as usual" or just random coincidences!?