Sunday, July 09, 2006

Calming the rebellious

Follow the arrows. Look at our products. Do not rebel. It is pointless. You must complete the circuit. You will obey.

Of course I was in Ikea, not my favourite store. We have only ever bought bits and pieces worth a couple of dollars, here and there. Their tea candles are great value, but alas, they had run out.

Ikea seems to make no concessions to the countries it operates in, so there are many items that are confusing to us down under types. One that I puzzled over for quite some time was a piece of flat translucent flexible plastic with a wide magnetic rubber ring aroung it. The label had fallen off the hanger. Eventually I concluded that it was some sort of lid for saucepans.

While in this confusing maze with no obvious escape, I started thinking about what if there is a fire? I am very fire conscious

I looked around for the obligatory exit signs and they were there. I poked my head around corners to areas where customers don't go, and there were emergency exit doors that looked like they would lead to somewhere outside.

But what if these doors were locked? They often are in third world and second world countries. Fortunately standards are high in Australia and I can fairly confidently say that there is not a chance in hell that they could be locked. Not a chance. Not an iota of chance...........we hope.

On a related matter, we had a letter from our letting agent of our rental flat this week, Shocking Stupid,. It was a notify us if you want to opt out letter. There will be annual inspection of smoke detectors, cost $65. Evidently someone was seriously burnt because the smoke detector did not work in their rented flat. If the history of our tenants is anything to go by, it is because they took the batteries out or did not replace them. I am quite happy to post them a new battery if cost is a problem. And no, the detectors are not badly placed near the kitchen.


  1. Ah, whilst at Ikea, you haven't discovered what I like to call the Ikea "Space Time Continuums". There are actually little short cuts at various points in the store to allow you to avoid the whole circuit thing. But they are very well hidden, only people like Time Lords can find them. Hence why I call them a space time continuum. There is also a very important rule that when you walk through one of the Ikea Space Time Continuum's, you have to wave your arms in a very bohemian way. Do not deviate or you may be swallowed up by the Ikea Space Time Continuum Monster.

  2. While I do loves me some Ikea (tons of semi-useful crap! Yay!) I do hate how you have to follow the arrows and are forced to walk through the whole store...and thus find more semi-useful crap to spend your money on.

  3. Just because it has a wanky name with that O that has a line through it doesn't mean it's worth having.

    Oh, and $65 for someone to pop in and press that little button to test it? $5 for the press and $60 for knowing which button to press? That's a bit rich I thinks!