Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Beautiful Town

Let me describe what was a beautiful town.

Mostly two storey houses lined the streets that curved up and down the hills. Mature but still young deciduous trees shaded the winding streets. The streets all ran towards a central point, the town centre. As they neared the centre of town, the streets widened along with expanses of neatly mowed grass. The town centre was a square, just for people but still with good car access. The flower beds were meticulously maintained. The lack of any large retailers meant the shopping area had a very village like feel to it.

The picture theatre was opulent and had a luxurious feel to it.

The open swimming pool had huge sloping grassed banks for sunbathers to lie on (and perve from), but also with plenty of trees for shade.

It was a very pretty town, without anything very new, but nor anything very old. There was no history to it. It had a very good and well used local bus service.

It was a planned town and it showed just how good a planned town can be. Given our suburban sprawl housing estates, it seems we have gone backwards since then. The developer paid for all the public amenity. The housing, the streets, the shops, the library, the picture theatre, the primary school, the kidergarten, the infant welfare, the police station, the bus service, the lot. The developer created a complete township, not just housing.

Did you note my use of past tense? I believe it has been demolished now. It served it's purpose. Any idea of where I am talking about?


  1. Anonymous8:04 pm are talking about any medium sized town in the westernized world?

  2. A very small town in Victoria Jess. More later.

  3. Would it happen to be in any way related to open cut coal mining?