Friday, July 14, 2006


The 1982 winter was one of extreme dryness. There were heavy winter frosts. Ice hung from the tram overhead wires making lots of pretty blue flashing in the early mornings and jerky travel as the trams gained and then lost power because of the ice.

Melbourne is now a warmer city and that no longer happens.

In early 1983 we had terrible bushfires, a dust storm and little water in the reservoirs. I was in a tram in Swanston Street as the dust rolled in from the north west. It was like a dark cloud, although a little brown. Suddenly everything was dark and the tram was covered in dust.

Why the history lesson? I think it as bad now. I am really worried about the lack of rain, as our population just grows and grows.


  1. My sister was standing at the winning post at the races when that cloud rolled in and she said it was the most frightening thing she's ever experienced.

  2. I can understand that. I was a bit alarmed but I worked out what it was. Many didn't until the dust hit them.

  3. I was at primary school on that day and I remember it clearly. I remember seeing the lights on the horizon at night and mum having to clean the house in the mornings because of the ash.

  4. Primary school huh. Thanks Rob. I feel good now.