Thursday, June 15, 2006

What bugged me today

As previously mentioned, apart from a couple of copies of the Age each week, I don't buy any other newspaper. I check a few daily online. Usually The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Herald Sun, and the Sydney Daily Tele, in that order of preference. I check others from around the world or interstate if I have time and I am interested in some topic. I gobble up freebie papers, except for our local MX.

The Fairfax papers (Age and SMH) both have a 'most viewed' list of articles. The list is made up of headlines and sometimes these may sound interesting but it is not clear what the article is about. I click on it and sometimes I am not interested at all in the article, BUT, because I have clicked on it, then there is another vote for most read article and then it stays on the list and even more people will click on it. It is a wonder that some obsure headline like 'John and Pru tell all about their relationship' is not still on the list of most viewed articles.

Perhaps I should email Lady Mary and ask her to make the online headlines clearer in their subject matter. I might if I took the 'most read items' seriously.


  1. It's the Phil Collins/iPod conundrum that is a growing feature in society - Just because something is popular, doesn't mean it's any good.

  2. Over at After Grog Blog, Tony T inspired me to just reply that:

    newspapers don't let us read for free 'for nothing'; they KNOW what article we click on first, and then they dish up more muck in that vein.
    I make a point of clicking first on Bill leak, or on Michelle Grattan, and then, I read the salacious stuff.

  3. Never thought of that Chrystal. Will do so in future. Usually read Michelle anyway. Heard she is a drinker and likes to call the pollies in the early hours of the morning. They dare not ignore her calls.