Thursday, August 21, 2008

Racialism 19/06/06

Obviously I read the wrong blogs. I have never come across any racism on any blog I regularly read. This pleases me. Mine is more racsist perhaps than anyone else's that have I read. I am not paricularly racist, although I am concerned about the number of moslems in Australia and those really dark Africans who live in the western burbs. But then the moslem thing is as much as I don't like any religous extremism. Actually, I don't think much of religion at all.

What I am really concerned about is the population increase in Australia when we don't seem to have enough water for us who are already here. Your average Melbournian uses something like twenty per cent less water than they did a generation ago. (I doubt this statistic. Has the figure been adjusted to take into account how many more people live in apartments now. How smaller new house blocks are?)

If forced to, I could without serious hardship but with serious inconvenience, reduce my water consumption by 25 per cent, but that is about it. I grew up on land where water was very precious and let me tell you, washing clothes in dirty water, having an inch of water in the bath, carting water outside for the garden, trying to get grease of dishes with very little water is no fun at all.

If we live in a sophisticated city, in a first world country, then we should have adequate water supply. There is a limited quantity of water and when you have to split it more and more ways, then something is going to have to give.


  1. "If we live in a sophisticated city, in a first world country, then we should have adequate water supply."

    Drink whisky's better for you. As W.C. Fields once said, "I refuse to drink anything that fish shit in."

  2. Tempting Brian, but I have to balance out whiskey drunk in the evening with copious amounts of water the next day. I thought the quote was 'fish fuck in', but I will bow to your W.C. Fields quoting expertise.

  3. Anonymous3:47 pm

    Your water 'theorem', Andrew - is quite true. I believe that every Australian household should have a water-tank and apartments should have them inbuilt as well. This has enormous economic returns (according to the Australian Conservation Foundation).

  4. I don't argue that specific point Reuben. The centralisation of sewerage, water supply, electric and gas was a great thing. It has been retrograde to separate them. We need to recycle out water. It isn't hard at all. Everyone collecting water will reduce storm water flow into rivers. Gutters sealed with concrete rather than bluestone with gaps that allows water seepage to the soil, every bit of falling water contained for use. I think we are saving so much water, it is not getting into the soil and then not being absorbed into the atmosphere, to then again fall as rain.