Sunday, June 11, 2006

People merge

Life is full of little co-incidences. On the day that I noticed a very decent blogger Jess has added a link to my blog on hers, R asked me a question that I was frustratingly unable to immediately answer without a bit of net searching.

We were watching our Queen, both Australia's and Canada's on tv and she has vistited Cananda many times. To keep up the public transport obsession, for Liz, Canada is probably zone 1, whereas we are probably zone 3. I console myself with the fact that Liz doesn't come here too often as it is a long way.

Liz has visited the city of Regina in Canada. Rhymes with......stop your naughty thoughts.... an opinionated person, an opiner. It is in the province of (check spelling) Saskatchewan where his late UK born aunt lived and his nieces and nephews still reside.

There was some mention of French in Saskatchewan and R asked me if it was a French Province, like Quebec. I did not think so but checked up. No, it's French population is only a couple of per cent. Btw, Canada's population is around 32 million, bigger than us.

Just to improve my knowledge of Canada, can Jess tell me:

a) does a Sydney/Melbourne thing happen in Canada between Toronto and Montreal?

b) Do people in Montreal all really go off like female dogs in heat during the brief summer? (I did hear the gays do)

c) Many Aussies will slag off the US, but have much fonder feelings about Canada. Are the feelings reciprocated?

d) It is always safer if we Aussies ask a North American speaker if they are Canadian (assuming they are not obviously from the South or the Bronx. US people are flattered if we are wrong and god forbid that we ask someone from Canada if they are from the States. While we would be less offended, can a Canadian tell the difference between Aussie and New Zealander accents?

e) A workmate of R's is a born French Canadian. His sister visited Oz earlier this year. She doesn't speak English at all. Is it only the real working class of Quebec who can't speak English? Educated French Canadians can speak English fine?

f) It makes us anti involvement in the Iraq troubles folk in Oz feel our chums in Canada are more clever and sophisticated than us. How come their government did not send troops when ours did? Aren't you paranoid about what the US thinks?


  1. That short Canadian summer? They say they have two seasons: winter and construction season.
    Canada gave us Neil Young and South Park. Gotta love em for that.

  2. Ah, a post full of questions for me! How exciting

    I actually used to live in Regina Saskatchewan (you spelled it right). Saskatchewan is mostly English, but there are random pockets of predominately French-speaking people all over Canada. But they mostly live in Quebec.

    a) I suppose there is a bit of a Sydney/Melbourne thing between Toronto and Montreal. The best way I have heard it described is that Toronto and Montreal are like brothers; Toronto is the stiff accountant who always wears a suit and tie and Montreal is the drunken womaniser who parties hard and smokes all the time. Both Cities have their appeal but Montreal has a more ‘European’ feel to it.

    b) Hahaha, it took my a minute to figure out what you meant by “off like female dogs.” And actually, I have no idea! I think Toronto actually has a larger gay population then Montreal. I’ll just say yes, because it sounds more fun.

    c) I would say yes, the feelings are reciprocated. Canadians think Australia is like one, big hot place with beaches and Kangaroos. Clearly, those are the ones who have never been to Melbourne. The only Aussie I’ve met so far that I don’t like is that dude in my class who told me that Canada is boring.

    d) I suppose it would be safe to ask that. But some Americans might lie and pretend to be Canadians because they’re jerks like that.

    e) That is a hard questions to answer…it depends on what part of Quebec the person is from. If they are from Montreal, chances are they will speak both languages just fine. If they are from Quebec City or somewhere more north, even the educated ones (read: separatists) won’t speak English. It doesn’t mean that they CAN’T or they don’t know how to…they just won’t.

    One difference between Canada and Australia that I found interesting was the Relationship with the Queen. Aussies seem (or some do) to take it more seriously maybe? Like when she came for the Commonwealth Games and some people made a big fuss about which song to play. In Canada, if she wanted to hear Baby’s God Back no one would’ve really cared. I think there is slightly more tension, or certainly more of a stronger relationship, between Australia and the Queen then Canada.

    OK, now I have an OZ question for you:

    What does “pash” mean? And where does it come from? I think it is used to describe kissing or something? (I know, kinda silly.)

  3. Brownie - The people who made South Park are Americans. They are from Utha (hence all the mormon jokes), but they like to poke fun of Canadians!

  4. Thanks Jess. In a rush. Pash is short for passionate, and so a passionate kiss becomes a pash. Hope you get lots of them.

    Brownie, don't forget maple syrup and Royal Police Mounted.

  5. On the whole US vs Canada thing, I heard that Canada actually won a war against the US many years ago. Apparently it's something that gets omited from history books in US schools. Is it true?