Friday, June 16, 2006

Male celeb for the week, Usher

Don't know where, don't know when, I only know a few years ago I came across some pics of an interesting looking rap artist by the name of Sisqo. If he had been heard of in Australia back then, it would have been by very few people. I learnt he had a fellow mate rapper called Usher. Both were hot. Sisqo was the more stylish one with bleached hair, but Usher's smile was irresistible.

Then one early Saturday morning when visiting our ex overcharging accountant in the city to get our tax done, I saw a promotional poster for an Usher concert tour or something like that. Rap is not my thing. It would be hard choice to choose between country and western music or rap music as my most hated. A hard choice. But given country and western is mostly performed by unattractive men, with a couple of exceptions, I would have to go for rap.

Here is Usher.

Any requests btw? I am not bad at hunting out celeb pics.

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