Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Draft 29/06/06 Hot guy

You may be wondering what sort of guy I like? Ok, perhaps you aren't, and best you don't ask, as it is a hard answer. As I don't really know myself, it is extra hard. The sort of person I lust after and the sort of person I like are two very different things.

I like clever people, people who are smart and know a lot about all sorts of things. They do have to put it in a humourous way though, because ultimately, I like to laugh. You gotta make me laugh.

For lust, I like hot.................no, not telling (How can I say anyway if I don't know?).


  1. I'm extremely fussy, I like them to be breathing.

  2. Hot..well..it is all in their eyes...not the way they dress and maybe not even how humnorous they are...or maybe not even how witty they are...it is the way they look at you, and the way they move :)

  3. Everyone likes someone who can make them laugh. 'Spose that's all well and good until the laughing happens when people get nekkid.

  4. Unassisted breathing I assume Jahteh.

    They way they move is a big point with me to Cazzie.

    And Ren, never stop to think how a third person observer might view you during the act and break up at how silly you look.

  5. After seeing me in the buff, some assistance is usually necessary.