Sunday, June 11, 2006

Dame M tale #27

Dame M has two sisters. One, her hot great nephew's mother lives and in Queensland and the other in the United States. We met the US sister and her husband when their cruise ship came to Melbourne. I asked Dame M where her sister lived in the states, and initially Dame M started to say Illinois, but then corrected herself and and she moved to Phoenix, Arizona.

The sister, at the ripe age of seventy five, has suddenly become an artist and is selling her works as quickly as she can produce them for US$2,000 a piece. She is about to have an exhibition in a gallery. I have seen one of her pictures and I think we had pictures like this on our walls in the eighties. It was a picture of a couple of avocados.

It is lucky that the sister married well and can count twenty five sea cruises, along with her next booked trip on the train across Canada. It would be awful to suddenly become rich when you are seventy five.

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  1. I want to go on the train across Canada and I want to be rich but I want it now.