Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Cough and splutter

I wrote this on June the first.

Now, from history, train stations had very high roofs (is that rooves?) to disperse smoke from steam trains. The tradition followed with the re-development of Spencer Street, except it is now to disperse diesel fumes. Let me tell you, it does not work. The fumes were almost overpowering. Horrendous.

Seems like I was correct. I did even give a thought for the poor staff who have to work in it. From today's Age.

SOUTHERN Cross Station's wavy roof — the centrepiece of its $700 million redevelopment — is trapping fumes from diesel trains and causing a string of illnesses ranging from vomiting to runny eyes, say concerned staff.


  1. does the now mean that the bogans that congregate around North Melbourne station will be migrating to southern cross?

  2. So they can sniff the fumes? lol

  3. Apparently there was a 'Your Say' topic devoted to this and some of the responses are very telling as to the attitude that people have towards staff (and politicians, but that's a given).