Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Cook? Me? What?

Yesterday was a momentous day for me. I arrived home from work and no sign of R. I guessed he was doing some body corp related matter, and I later found out that they were cleaning out the manager's office.

I poured myself a glass of plonk and sat drumming my fingers. R should be here, cooking my dinner. I'm hungry. Whaaaaa. Four lamb chops sat thawing on the sink. Could I? Could I possibly cook a meal other than fried rice or pizza? Gosh, it must be twenty years. S'pose I could. Lamb chops with vegetables. Not too hard I guess. Give it shot. Peeled potatoes, skinned and sliced the carrots, cut up the broccoli, lit the barbecue to preheat. Potatoes go on first, carrots are pretty hard, they will need a while to steam, broccoli is quick. Forgot to wash the broccoli. Cooking will kill anything won't it? Meat is on barbe cooking. Potatoes are cooked, put some frozen peas in the microwave, oops, carrots cooked very quickly.

R arrived home and naturally was surprised at my efforts and asked if he could do anything. I said take over, and he did. He made a mustard sauce while I finished cooking the meat and apart from the overcooked carrots, it wasn't too bad at all. While the praise from R was nice, I played down my effort as I don't want to get used to cooking.


  1. Congratulations Andrew!

    Next step, sausages and potato salad!

  2. I love sausages! but would dare not to try to even come close to R's potato salad. No one betters it. I am spoilt, but I deserve it. So are you a chef extraordinaire?

  3. Veges can be a right royal pain too cook (timing, duration, all that crap). Well done!

    BTW I've got plenty of cookbooks here if you ever get the urge to branch out!

  4. No desire at all to branch out.

  5. my books are safe then...:-)

  6. oh, and yes. But every family has their own potato salad. That's what's so good about it.