Thursday, May 04, 2006

What they have been searching for

People type into search engines some very odd things. Suppose I have too.

Who has been steered to my blog in their search along the information superhighway? Well, my last blog stats rant that mentioned labia many times seemed to have an effect. Sorry, I have forgotten who, but someone told me it came up third, or was that on on the third page in google? Torn labia seems to be what most are concerned about. I don't understand such stuff. So I don't how bad is a torn labia. Eyes bigger than belly were they hun? See, they can be too big after all.

The usual, Sally Anne Huckstep, West Highland White Terriors and Anthony Callea gay. Who was he now?

Someone was looking for the lyrics for There is Hole in the Bucket Dear Liza. It was only as I remembered it. Not accurate.

I think I had a go at Smart Groups. Yep, that search is clear.

I have said something about circumsicion, so yes, it valid that I come up in a search for 'low, high, tight circumsicion'. Must be a Moslem. When they chop, they chop way back. Tight as Joan River's face.

Bangalore to Ooty. Lucky you. Not a free ticket going?

I don't think Andy has a labia, but it is quite possible and yes, Hecho En Mexico is a kewl guy and quite rootable.

I don't know who wrote 99 luft balloons, but feel free to shoot him/her.

Muse Bar IS way kewl. Go and see for yourself.

'Window cleaning'. Thanks for the reminder to send an email as to why our windows have not been cleaned.

'Guys nipples'. Hey you are right on track for me. I just love men nipples. Revealing tees rule.

'Royal Jomtien Fire' It was terrible. I did write about it and I will probably write about it again.

'Onionmania' I guess that is something to with the Onion site. Never read it, sorry.

While I did have issues with the Anzac Bridge in Sydney in January, I did not have an accident there.

Judy Nunn is a good actor, if that is what you wanted to know.

I forget Molly Meldrum's boyfriend's name. Short name. He is Asian if that helps.

It was a duck, not a goose used in the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games.

I haven't drunk Fijian rum, but I can well imagine.

Send me a private email if you want ex MTV host Simon Rex's porn video stills.

I don't know where the movie theatre is on the Sapphire Princess. Isn't there something better to do when sailing the seas? A mast to Marveer perhaps?

Puckle Street, Moonee Ponds does have an interesting history, but I know little of it.

One interesting one was 428 St Kilda Road. I think I posted pics of it some time ago. The buildings have been demolished, but I am reminded that I had a nice comment from someone in Austria who used to live in one of the flats at 428.

This month's prize goes for grossness goes to you who searched for 'I can see clearish string in my eyes'. I sincerely hope your eyes are better now.


  1. It would have been me that found the your blog via Andy's labia.

    By the way, I live in Moonee Ponds: Gateway to somewhere better since 1985. How that relates to you, I do not know.

    Stat recaps are always fun.

  2. Thanks Bobby. Here is wot I writ about your suburb.

  3. Ok, there was a lot of opposition to the construction of that tower.

    There are plans to demolish the old coles store, remove the roadway behind it and incorporate it with the old Moonee Ponds Market and construct a shopping centre, cinemas and a few high rise (no pun intended) apartment blocks.