Thursday, May 18, 2006

The train, tram and bus

In spite of my cynical nature, I had a glimmer of hope that we were going to hear something wonderful from our Victorian state government today. I hoped they were going to provide a vision for Melbourne's future transport needs.

Nah, a couple of new roads here, a bit of extra railway track there, a couple of new railway stations and a few alterations to traffic lights for trams. Call me stupid, but I cannot imagine how the West Gate Bridge can have altered direction lanes to cater for peak flow. Besides that, whichever peak it is, it is congested in both directions.

With the political capital and funds that the state government has, they could have gone extreme. Railways everywhere, buses to get passengers to railway stations, clear cars from tram routes, county trains are the only way to get to town or the burbs. Turn public transport into a viable option in all circumstances and not just for city workers commuting from the burbs.

Very disappointing. They created an opportunity to stimulate and excite people and they have the wherewithall to do it and they failed. Don't expect much in the papers tomorrow, apart from a few critcal letters.

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