Monday, May 29, 2006

The Snowy

Dear Mr Pollie, Federal, State and local as well. The mountain men who graze their cattle on the Victorian high country mounted a very good and a very emotional campaign against the outlawing of mountain cattle grazing. It failed because it went totally against common sense.

Not so the sale of the Snowy Hydro. Let me make it clear to you Mr Pollie at this early point. There are no votes in selling the Snowy, but there may be some in the warcry, 'Save the Snowy for Oz'. The opposers to the sale have all the emotional arguments on their side and they have common sense on their side.

Premier Iemma of Sincity and it's environs may want a nice fat warchest to fund his pointless re-election campaign, but in spite of their 65% share, it is a very national thing. It even combines long long time Australians with newer Australians.

You force this through Mr Pollie, don't expect any respect in the future. You will not be remembered well.


  1. My question is this: Why?

    Until anyone can come up with a reason that is beyond the funding of schools and hospitals that should be coming from this fat surplus they keep ranting on about anyway, I'm against it and will not invest in it at all. Ads on the tram shelters are looking for pre-registration expressions of interest and for anyone who asks me about it, I just say no. After the GST lies, children overboard lies, AWB lies, detention centre lies, Iraq lies, terror lies and IR law lies, I am sorry to say that this rather minor issue (I say minor because nobody will get killed or locked up because of this, aside from the 130 blokes who died during construction, but 60 Minutes wasn't there then), will be the one that sees this "leader" removed from his castle at long last.

  2. Oh, by the way, I looked up "tram driver" on the blogger search and the whole page was dedicated to your writings. Well done!

  3. I think a Snowy float will do quite well for investors. Apart from T2, no one has ever lost money investing in a privatised government asset in Australia. Most have done extremely well. Spose it depends how far your morals go.

    I checked tram driver myself and it is clearly a combination of 'tram' and 'driver', not really tram driver. Interesting though, thanks for telling me. I had forgotten most of what I had written.