Monday, May 08, 2006

Sad old person wallowing in memories

In a quiet moment at work, for some reason the theme song from Gilligan's Island came into my head. I tried to recall them and got right through to the last two lines. I just did a net search and found them, along with the closing theme. I had forgotten all about the closing. I expect an announcer talked over them anyway.

Then I came across a site that has the lyrics for many tv shows of the 50s, 60s and 70s. What fun. I forget the tune for some of them, but many I can remember. This one though has me beat. I can clearly remember the theme song and I know the first verse, but I just cannot remember the show. It was called It's About Time.

The first verse was

It's about time,
It's about space,
About strange people in the strangest place.
It's about time,
It's about flight,
Travelin' faster than the speed of light.

Anyone know? Btw, the site with the lyrics is


  1. This might jog your memory...

  2. Thanks. But it doesn't. I remember the song, not the show. I expect I was not interested to see the show, but one of my siblings was.