Monday, May 29, 2006

Rough Stuff

Is there any sporting game rougher than Aussie Rules football? Groins, hammys, tendons, ankles, elbows.......week after week there is a long list of injuries to football players. Try as I do to ignore football, I cannot. They do themselves injuries that have a profound effect when they are older and retired. There are enough footy injuries in my family.

How in a a civilised society can this be tolerated? Even that dreadful other game rugby does not seem to have the injury rate that Aussie Rules has.

Boxing is good too, hey. Punch each other until one of your knocks the other out. Tres kewl. To give it some sort of respectability, they have rules. Boogger the rules. I wouldn't mind watching 'no holds barred' stuff. At least the pretence has gone. 'Your job is to hurt the other person to the best of your ability'. Very civilised, so sophisticated. At least the chants of 'kill, kill, kill' will have some meaning. Yeah, wouldn't mind that.

I saw a footballer on tv, repeated ad nauseum, force his elbow in a very forceful manner into an opponent's face. He was suspended for a number of matches. What? It was assault. He should be charged with criminal assualt.

If one believes the reaction, even that other football, the more graceful version, (the one with the lithe, slim, handsome players) has problems if you judge the reaction of the players. Ok, it is a bit of a laugh but it does the game no service in the credibility area. I could not believe it when a couple of years ago, I actually watched a football match. Actresses. At least in Aussie Rules, they really do hurt each other.

Sport should be fun, recreational, a game. Violence in sport flows through to society. It must stop.


  1. The funny and sad thing about football is having medical specialists on hand the momenent some cave-dwelling jock gets injured, but in the real world, honest, hard working people have to wait years for such attention. That's one of the many reasons why I detest the game. I should make an entry on this one!

  2. True. Of course they pay heaps to have these people on standby. All built into the ticket sales and other various sources of income. I liked the local football. This Aussie wide stuff is not for me. Bring back the days of Richmond residents fighting Collingwood residents in the street over their local football teams.