Sunday, May 28, 2006

Older Bloggers

I feel I am on the cusp of something. Hopefully a sea change is not happening at home, but things are tense at the moment. Aside from that, I think I about to discover a significant number of new bloggers. Of course, I will remain faithfull to those who are now blogging mates, but I have discovered that there are older bloggers out there.

They know about stuff that I know about from many years ago. I am sure they remember riding on freezing, draughty, noisy red rattlers. Maybe as kids they played 'games' with the night soil collector. We did not call them that, but I can't remember what we did call them. Maybe dunnycan man, but my grandparents would never have referred to them as such. Perhaps they never mentioned the unmentionable man and his unmentionable job.

Times when a traffic jam meant being stuck behind a truck on the single lane road up Pretty Sally Hill.

Times when a bank manager was a respected and feared person. You were respected as a good customer and there weren't fees. Their profit came from the difference charged in interest for lending and borrowing not from mysterious bank fees..

They were not necessarily better times, but they were different.


  1. "Maybe as kids they played 'games' with the night soil collector."

    Or followed the milk cart, collecting horse manure for the garden.

    "Times when a bank manager was a respected and feared person."

    When the Bank Manager had come up through the ranks, starting as a lowly teller rather than being headhunted and parachuted from some other corporation what had no idea that if'n you gave a kiddy a small pressed metal moneybox, a smile and a pat on the head then you might have a lifetime loyal customer.

  2. Alas I did not stick with the state savings bank or the commonwealth who gave out the money boxes. My father's credit rating must have been questionable, so he banked with ES&A? Eastern Australia and New Zealand Banking Group, now the ANZ, and I am still with them, through much thick and a little thin. Suppose coz I am a loyal customer, they don't charge me fees.

  3. Oh the memories, how could you?

    Standing at the bus stop watching the school bus and the dunnycart racing neck and neck down the hill and praying the bus would get to us first.

  4. We've got a former bank manager at work. Boring fellow, gives some good investment advice though.

    These days loyalty doesn't mean anything, at least for the larger banks. I've got several accounts with Bendigo Bank. The staff are reasonably helpful, and the best part: no queues!

    I still have my old bank books from the state bank... somewhere.

  5. A bank book Bobby? How quaint. So what do you deal in that you need several accounts?

  6. Mainly money laundering Andrew. I run a small business so I've found its easier to separate personal from business and investments.