Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Day off

Sorry about the weirdness large orange block letters in the last post. It seems to happen when something is cut and pasted into a post. Short of retyping, it seems unfixable.

Day off today. As I had three days off at the weekend, I was well caught up on things and had to think of something to do that would excite me. It was a lovely day, so where better than Docklands. While I would not want to live there, I do quite like it to visit. I like the wide open uncluttered grass and the wide open cluttered grass. I can smell sea water there, always a lift for me. Saw a couple of people fishing. S'pose they wouldn't bother fishing if they never caught anything. Perhaps they are paid by the Docklands developers?

I just walked from New Quay down to Flinders Street along the park. I looked carefully in all the smelly stagnant water but saw no signs of life. I am sure there are eels in the water though.

I did a circuit of Shed 14 and looked at the panels that talk about the area's history. I remembered the dance parties we attended that used to be held in Shed 14 and Shed 9. It seems so long ago. Truly magical memories. Although the area is totally altered and there is nothing left that is in my memory, the sheds themselves are the same, although the piers on which they stand have been shortened.

I did check out the whirly gig sculpture close up. It is marvellous, as is the kiddies playground below. There were even some mid teen schoolboys playing there. Must have wagged school.

I then caught a tram to Birrarung Marr and walked along the river to Prince's Bridge. Ah, Transport Bar and I am hot and thirsty. I asked for a schooner and received a pint and was probably charged the full price for it. Didn't care, I was very happy and very relaxed. I sat watching the river, watching the trams coming across Prince's Bridge, watching the inactive lass selling tickets for a river cruise, sized up the best angle to photograph the autumn foliage of the trees and wondering about the muslim couple, her with only her eyes showing, with two young children, the older in a scarf, the younger exposed. Her husband ran down the stairs to the riverbank and then came back up. They then set off across Prince's Bridge. What will Australia be like for you two kiddies when you are brought up to wear full cover dress? Will you be accepted as a normal Aussie or will people think, like I do of your mother, scary. Can't say your father in a full white gown looked much better. Couldn't you just make a bit of an effort to fit in better? For your children's sake hey?

It was a nice three hours and apart from the cost of one beer, free.

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  1. It's nice to stop once in a while and look at things going on around. Watching people and the whole world go by, not quite knowing where it will go. Mind you, given the state of my flat at the moment, I should probably give the rose sniffing less time!