Sunday, May 07, 2006

Complex life

I always knew I had a boring life. How does this guy's life hold up against yours?

I have known him for a while but only to have the briefest chat with. Last night I found out a bit more about him.

He is Indian born, although not very dark and about thirty five I suppose. He grew up in Calcutta and moved to Italy. He was in a theatre group in Rome which travelled to Australia to perform. The couple who ran the group separated and the group disbanded. He stayed in Australia and married an Australian lass. Then he met a guy and somehow turned gay. They are in a solid relationship and live together here in Melbourne but as well as having a wife who he still sees, he has an Australian girlfriend in Sydney who has born four kids to him and they are aged between a few months and five years old. He sees the children every few weeks.

Phew! All I can say is that he would have to be very careful who's name he calls out in moments of orgasmic glory.


  1. Well I'm certainly feeling like the under-performer! I suppose there must be a few guys like this around as all the decent women seem to be occupied at the moment...

  2. Don't know that anyone said that these women were decent. No one else is looking now so I I can say have you not thought of someone with a touch of the tarbrush?