Sunday, May 14, 2006

Coming to a tram stop near you soon

First it was the Punt Road bus, now 'service interval' timetables are spreading along St Kilda Road, instead of time specific. You can't say the tram is late if you don't know what time it is supposed to arrive. It is a clever thing invented by someone who wants to reduce their level of complaints about unpunctuallity.

But it is not much consolation when you arrive at the tram stop on a Sunday night and read that the service interval is thirty minutes. Have you just missed one? Make alternative arrangements, like go home and get the car, which is probably what I would do? Perpaps you may be lucky and it has been a while since there has been a tram. It won't be too long, will it? Who knows?

Yes, I will complain to the appropriate area. But it will be pointless.

It is not always the big things about public transport that annoy people and put them off using it. It can be very small things.

I get so tired of the propaganda and spin that spews from everywhere. Ok, some don't even have public transport on a Sunday night. But hey, I pay a lot to live where I live. Well over $20,000 in stamp duty for a flat, never mind the council rates that we pay. Mr Batchelor, if you want me to not use my limited resource using and polluting vehicle, do better. Tell Yarra Trams to revert to the old style timetables.


  1. It should be for peak times only. Other times you should get specific times. If not, yeah, time to complain loud and long.

  2. It's a bit of a mixed bag this one - on the one hand we get lots of questions relating to the frequency during certain hours and this change would help. However, the loss of exact times is a bit of a pity, as plenty of people plan around it. I haven't seen them yet, but when I finally get back on the road after 3 weeks, I'll no doubt see plenty of them.

  3. On rt 19 where the frequency timetables were first trialed I thought they were a bit confusing because you would have

    9 |   1-4 minutes   30 36   6 minutes   54

    all on the one line.

    At the end of the day I don't really care about the timetables, I leave early so I arrive on time. rt 19 is a mixed bag though because at any time during the day you can have three trams within a two minute interval and then nothing for twelve - fifteen minutes.

    109 had frequency at one stage.

  4. I agree Daniel, but it is only service intervals.

    Rob, rough service intervals could be put on a normal timetable, such as Sunday morning, half hour service, afternoon, twelve, night, half hour. I try in my blog when writing about transport, to only see if from a passenger perspective.

    Bobby, that time table info is absolute gobbledy gook, and I don't understand it. But yes, it not so much an issue when the service is reasonably frequent. It is a big issue when it is not.