Monday, May 08, 2006

Car Rego

Just paid the car registration, $546. Given how little I drive, that is take up a minimal amount of road infrastructure, how I don't go around banging into to people and maiming them and cause a large cost to hospitals etc, given my car is worth about $1,000, should I be paying so much?

I am a little out of touch with the matter, but how much does a $50,000 4WD owner have to pay? I don't think it is much different.

Whack it on the petrol price I say. It is more of an incentive to not use a car. Large fuel guzzling and polluting vehicles pay more, trucks that damage the roadway pay more. If you drive one of those awful little hybrid cars, you won't pay much at all. If you drive a small economical car, you will pay less. If you minimize your car travel, you will save. It is just too easy.

Oh, I forgot about the marginal electorates. Two cars, one a Commodore or Falcon or increasingly a 4WD. Travel lots. No public transport option. Our aspirational voter.

It just won't happen will it.


  1. For every 4WD sold God kills a kitten. Bless.

  2. Nice line Bobby. I will remember it and use it.