Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Buses are worse

While I moan on about trams often, our local bus service is even worse if you compare the timetable times to when the bus arrives.

Today I found myself in the wilds of East St Kilda. I was intending to walk down Alma Road to Chapel Street and catch a tram to Prahran for some basic supermarket shopping. Wait, here is Hotham Street, there is a bus that will take me directly there. I will wait for and catch the bus. Especially so as I heard a tram announcement earlier about a broken down car in Chapel Street delaying trams.

I arrived at the stop at 2.22. There was vandalised timetable box without a timetable, so I have checked the times at Melbourne Bus Link's website. 216 bus due at 2.27. Nothing. 219 bus due at 2.39. Nothing. Bus, not sure which route, arrived at 2.46, a full twenty four minutes after I arrived at the stop.

I suppose the 216 was very early and the 219 was late. Not good enough Melbourne Bus Link.


  1. The other day I was sitting waiting for the tram all the way out here in Burwood and some guy sat down beside me and asked "do you know when the next tram is scheduled to come?" My reply was something along the lines of "I don't even bother to look at the schedule any more - they never, every run on time!" And yet I saw some thing in the tram that they are on time 80% of the time or something like that. Wha? 80% of the time where!?

  2. On time at certain points along the way. The figures are fudged and do no reflect reality. Although I would be somewhat surprised if they were very wrong going towards the city along Burwood Hwy, but from the city, different story, I am sure.

  3. Buses - I've been taking the bus along Orrong Rd (from the wilds of St Kilda East) to Glenhuntly Rd fairly often and they're pretty good. The don't always run to schedule, but I have a trick that I'll touch on here:

    Trams running on time: My memory might be wrong, but more than 2min early and more than 5min late is the area we are supposed to be recorded on. I don't trust any of the figures, but the trick I have that I was explaining is I just front up and wait for however long it takes to get there. Knowing that a tram is running late won't make it arrive any faster (and as for abusing the driver for running late, don't get me started!). Just to let you know, most of us try very hard to keep things in the zone, but it's not easy!

  4. Anonymous3:57 am

    melbourne bus line are always late