Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Blogging to communicate

I was fascinated by a tale ABC radio broadcaster John Faine told last week. He has a mid teenage son who had a year in France as an exchange student. I think this is a fantastic idea. I wish I could have been sent off to a foreign country when when I was a kid. But I can guess that there often a lot of homesickness too.

It is a reciprocal program it would seem, so now Faine is hosting a French student in his household. He asked the boy if he had recently emailed his parents and the boy said no. He blogs what he has been doing and his parents read it.

I think if I were a parent, I might like something a little more personal, but still. A teenage boy blogging would be pretty honest I imagine and not have his blog as an artistic public performance.

I have a friend in Japan (more of her in a day or so) and she reads my blog sometimes at least I think. I email her occasionally, but there is a lot that I would tell her in an email that I don't because she reads my blog. There was our Anzac Day river cruise. I did not tell her about it in detail, because it was there to read in my blog.

Having said that though, had I sent her an email telling her about it, I expect it would have been a bit different, perhaps a more personal focus.

I am not the one to judge the quality of my blog posts. If I was, I would probably stop. While I know sometimes I will blog three times in one day and that is excessive, I just do it when I am in the mood and things are in my mind. There are a few occasions where I feel I should blog and something does not click and I can't. Obviously tonight is not one of those times. It really boils down to I just like banging away at the keyboard I think.

Some blogs that I read are terribly clever people and write great posts and I appreciate them. But I really like personal blogs, the ones that mention about their lives. Perhaps I should watch more soapies on tv. Disregarding who I have linked on my page, I really like bloggers who post daily, or at least very regularly.

I am not such a misogynist to not read a blog by a woman. But apart from a lass in London who has an unhealthy interest in the Tube, I don't read any female blogs. I only skim read hers anyway.

I have tried to read girl blogs and I still do. They just seem to go off beam. I recall that there was someone called Rae who I enjoyed reading, but her blog and work conflicted and she pulled the plug, so to speak.

I am getting some clarity of thought here. I like reading blogs that are personal, but not a young chick's blog that just bangs on about boys she has met and about them. I like bloggers who are also aware of the wider world.

Of course blogging is a me me me thing, but it is not a personal diary. It is a public diary, so write in a way that may interest a wide audience.

I am nearly old. Most of my aquaintances lives do not revolve around the net. That is not a bad thing. But the people I connect with via the net are usually younger. Sometimes I sit back feeling old, wise and sanctimonious, but that is fairly rare. Most of the time, I feel their pain and I am impressed by their cleverness, their writing skills and thought processes.

This was going to be just a post about John Faine's exchange studet communicating with his parents, but I guess it has blown out.

I would really like to link a female blogger on my list of blogs I read. One that posts regurlarly, is not too self focused and is aware of the wider world but it should also be a bit personal. Feel free to steer me, publicly or privately or tell me to not be so lazy and find one myself.


  1. A female blogger? Regularly posts? Not too self-focused? Aware of the wider world AND a bit personal? If you find her (and I mean IF!), find out if she's single for me!

  2. One of my favorite sheila bloggers is Copperwitch. whose intro is "Mad, bad and dangerous to know if you're a bigot, racist, homophobe or waste of space." (Is roughly of our vintage, give ot take a decade or twelve - i.e. remembers the Rawleigh's man and the six o'clock swill.)

    Sample post 1. "BIG DAY UP UP UP"

    Sample post 2. "GROGBLOG 11"

  3. Sir, I refuse to aknowledge any memory of Rawleigh man and the six o'clock swill. Now excuse me while I get some ointment to apply to a cut.

  4. Anonymous10:21 pm

    Yes, I do read your blog but not on a regular basis. Maybe I should start doing so, to suppliment your emails!! By the way, the blossoms are in full bloom.

  5. Anon, the blossoms are not quite full yet. Another day or so. Expect the peak will be on Saturday. Just in time for a party.