Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Write anything

I feel the need to write. But I have not worked out anything in my mind to write about. What did I do with my empty shallow life today?

I downloaded a couple of hundred megabytes of porn. Not that I really watch it. I flick through it and get no stimulation from it. I now only do it because I can.

I puzzled over what to do about my threadbare pillow slips and then remembered that there were a pair of matching pillow slips stored away. They were musty and needed washing. I did and changed them.

I spent a little time labelling hard copy photos.

I went to the post office and bought a first day cover and a cd envelope to post niece's cd that she left here back to her. The Waifs are ok I suppose.

I washed bedding of bed niece slept in and washed odd towels that she used, we used when swimming and our brief trip away.

We walked through Fawkner Park to Prahran for shopping and ran into a nurse from the Alfred who used to be a neighbour of ours in Balaclava. He now lives at QV apartments. He came to our apartment open day when we first moved here, and argued with a friend about racism against Asians in Australia. He is loopy as ever.

I cleaned mirrored wadrobe doors and bedroom windows.

I et dinner, frittata, mashed spuds, brocolli, carrots and peas. Ta R.

I sat down to watch the Inventors and fell asleep and totally missed Spics and Specs. Furious about that. I have never missed it.

Now I sit here half listening to Lateline and the terrible happenings in the Solomon Islands. R has gone to bed without saying goodnight.

While I dread going back to work next week, I think I need work to keep me on an even keel. I seem to be so much better organised and achieving when I am working.

Tonight I just feel fed up, very sad, alone and lonely. Tomorrow it will be just more of the above in a slightly different guise.


  1. Oh dear, I know the feeling. Time for a hobby diversion methinks. Oh, and porn doesn't count, OK?

  2. I have plenty of those M!key. I was just being melodramtic. Back to normal the nest day and fine.