Sunday, April 09, 2006

A Sunday Afternoon Timeline

Cross road to tram stop.
Notice bank up of trams at stop before.
Ambulance arrives.
Puts deceased or otherwise onto trolley.
Trams move.
16 is first, the one we want.
Sails past.
R annoyed.
I tell him there will be another in a minute or so.
There is.
Tram very busy.
Musty smell in new tram.
Too many bodies.
Jam packed tram upon departure from St Kilda Junction.
Bad driver, jerking acceleration and deceleration.
Socialble person wants to talk to anyone who will listen.
Ignore person.
Alight Luna Park St Kilda.
Walk along Upper Esplande looking at market stalls.
Very cold.
Not very busy.
Buy Easter card for friend in Japan.
Cross road to foreshore and examine what looks like a wrecked ship on beach.
Walk out along St Kilda Pier.
Check out viewing platform at replaced St Kilda Kiosk.
Observe our apartment building clearly in view.
Consume strong latte and healthy fat and salt laden hot chips.
Walk back to Upper Esplanade.
Catch tram to Balaclava.
Driver is mate.
Very good driver.
Driver does not notice us.
Alight from tram and see 79 tram deliberately leave passengers behind at Chapel Street.
Recall that Balaclava was never somewhere where you could fire a cannon on Sunday.
Notice Balaclava is so so busy this Sunday.
Comment 'What happened to our old Balaclava'
Buy cheap photo albums.
Buy satay powder from Asian grocery.
Wait for tram home.
No tram approaching.
Look in real estate window.
Wonder if our flat's rental is too cheap.
Notice a kerfuffle.
See critter, pigeon, 1/3 of body missing, staggering across road after being hit by motor car.
Supress scream.
Bolt back to tram stop.
Tram arrives.
Again not noticed by driver.
Driver rolls starts on downward slope while passenger on rear step with doors open.
Driver blatantly goes through red light at St Kilda Junction.
Otherwise, quite good driver.
Alight at home stop.
Go to electric bank.
Restock wallet.
Arrive home.
Note left heating on.
Think leaving heating on was good idea.
Frig around for rest of daylight hours.
Finally give in to lump in throat.
Realise I am not well.
Self diagnose forthcoming cold.
Self treat oncoming cold with...
Glass of wine.
Long hot shower.
Recall no cure for common cold.
Eat wonderful chicken satay.
Frig around.
Watch tv.
Recall no cure for common cold
Attempt cure with large glass of whiskey.
Feel well enough to sleep.
Hope there is no nightmare of half dead pidgeons staggering across Carlisle Street.
Good night.


  1. Alight from tram and see 79 tram deliberately leave passengers behind at Chapel Street.

    Anyone would think I did a DOC at GH today. But I didn't.

  2. It was something to do with them being so close to the tram. I only saw half of it. I also saw the driver gesticulating at them. He was one tram length from the sotp with doors open. We both know that stop well and know what sort of people get on there. I will side with the driver to the point where sometimes you job entails looking after stupid people.