Sunday, April 09, 2006

Rock and roll, not slamming

Look kiddies. Finally someone has noticed. From Sunday's Age. I am quite happy to gently rock and roll when I am tram travelling, but slamming from one side to the other is not nice. Nor do I think less doors on a a train is a forward step.

The analysts say private operators bought about $500 million in rolling stock, some of which would have been bought under state ownership.

But they say $2.2 billion is a lot to pay for such an investment and the trains and trams "which were ordered in haste to meet contract deadlines have serious design flaws".

Trams had poor suspensions and fewer seats, and some train carriages had only two doors, slowing boarding and alighting.


  1. Not forgetting that the number of types of trains blew out from two to five (should have been three at the most) causing all sorts of operational problems.

  2. Perhaps they should this time go back to producing them locally - it would be cheaper, easier to maintain and access parts, faster delivery and the creation of employment. Instead, they will probably go back to the same IKEA catalogue and just pick the updated versions (natually without consulting the very people who will drive them or ride in them).

  3. I like the Siemens interior layout but they are just too bouncy to be comfortable.

    Don't like the alstom stock: Ciatadis, X'trap or their comeng refurbs.

    So whose fault is it. Operators for ordering the stock? Or Government for setting unrealistic expectations on the operators?

  4. Ultimately the blame must lay with the government.