Friday, April 21, 2006

Off our usual track

We had the displeasure of shopping at Coles in Balaclava last night. Just a couple of items were needed. By all means conserve electricity, but it is so dark and dingy. I am not keen on bright lighting anywhere, but to look at products properly, it is essential.

Aside from that, the staff, oh the staff. R used to think it was himself at fault when we lived nearby and shopped there often. But no, they are down right off hand, if not rude. They are not like that at Coles in Prahran or Malvern.

Safeway next door is similar. Why?

I am convinced it is a general re-active response. There are so many loons, difficult old people, nit picking Russians and shop lifters. The staff must just get so fed up and generally end up with an unpleasant attitude to everyone and are extremely defensive too.

Of course they should be perfect people and judge each person on their merits, but for the money they are paid, I don't blame them too much for their attitude. But I won't go out of my way to shop there either.


  1. Might be out of your way, but go the Coles in St Kilda down on Barkly St near Carlisle St - it's great. I mostly shop up at Safeway Glenhuntly because there's always a park and I don't need a bloody dollar coin to use the trolley!

  2. I have fond memories of Safeway in Glen Huntly when I lived in Manchester Grove.

    Been to Coles in Barkly St a few times, it is ok.

  3. dogcow9:04 pm

    Coles at Pinewood...

    Where the staff are comatose.

    Turn up on Monday at 6pm and half the shelves are still unpacked from the weekend. Scan rate at the register is about one item every minute.

    Coffee breaks for staff would actually help :).

  4. Pinewood in Mount Waverley Dogcow?

  5. dogcow6:57 am

    Yes in Mount Waverly