Monday, April 17, 2006

The niece

The teen niece has been transported safely back to the outer burban mono cultural wilds after her two night stay. She is as charming and clever as ever. Friday night she assisted with cooking the evening meal. Saturday we went into the city and had a nice breakfast and then a quick trip through Myer where I bought a shirt and then some food shopping at Safeway in QV.

The late afternoon she was my typist for labels for photos, played some online games, chatted to friends on msn chat and we had a swim and spa together.

For the evening meal, we walked to La Porchetta in South Yarra and met up with old old friends and afterwards they drove us home and we ate some nice cake and chatted while she played on the pc.

Every time I walked past the pc I glanced at what she was doing. At least for this visit, she did not accidentally misspell Disney and end up in a porn site. While our betters blather on about censoring the internet, their energies would be better spent sorting out simple stuff like that.

I told her that the bogan hat she was wearing was a bogan hat and quite unacceptable in a smart apartment in St Kilda Road, the lift, the foyer and the street. We did not see it again until we took her home. I was only kidding.

"Uncle Andrew, did you see that really nice looking guy in the supermarket? You and Uncle R were arguing about which potatoes to buy. He had such big muscles and a really big chest and he was so nice looking and looked really hot in a singlet". This from a thirteen year old.

"No A, and why did you not tell us? Just a discreet clearing of the throat is all that is required to get our attention".

She was excited when we suggested a McDonald's breakfast and I was pleased to hear that she had not had McDonalds for ages. We then had a remedial hour on the tennis court and took her home.

A few things about her surprised me.
She accidentally left her mobile in her mother's handbag and did not seem to miss it at all.
She can play on the pc for a short time and leave it along for a long time.
She is quite aware that R and I like guys, although I don't think she has a proper understanding of sex yet.
She is quite aware of the effect that she has on men. When we were out in public, I watching them staring at her. Well, she does look older than 13. One guy starting chatting to in a very forward manner. Later she said that he was being a bit 'heavy'. I was just within earshot and he didn't really say anything inappropriate. It was more his body language but nothing I would really take issue with.
Instead of buying her usual mag, Girlfriend, she bought Dolly because it had a free radio stuck on the cover. She didn't open the sealed section, unlike her uncle who would buy Cleo and rip open the sealed section to see the nude centrefold. I doubt (hope?) there is not much in the sealed section of Dolly.
Her spelling is not bad. I think I may have been a bit better than her at my age, but not that much. Her written possessive apostrophe placement is excellent, far better than mine would have been at her age (probably better than mine is now).

As her father's, my brother, favourite she is about to go through a very difficult time when he shortly moves out of the family home. In spite of her maturity in many ways, she is still just a kid and mostly behaves like one. Good.


  1. Nice post. She sounds like a noice neice. The fate of our civilisation remains in these young tucker's hand's, knee's and boompsadaisie's ... so may her apostrophe's continue to be correctly situated.

  2. Yeah, if she is an example, I think we will be ok.