Saturday, April 15, 2006

New Link

I have added a new link on my blog front page that takes you to an photo album with pics of a celeb I just happen to like the look of. The current one is Japanese footballer Hidetoshi Nakata. It is a few years since I first noticed him and he still looks great.

The next featured celeb will probably be Aussie tennis player Leighton Hewitt. I don't like his personality, but he looks pretty good in speedos.

For you straight bois, I might even put a female here occasionally. Also for you staight bois, there is no tracking of who looks at the pics.


  1. Nice work Andy. You're a funny guy, almopst always guaranteed to give me a laugh. Though I never knew you had a front page—what's the URL?

  2. Meant my main blog page. If you use a rss feed of whatver they are called, you only see unread posts, not the blog page itself.

  3. Oh, and sorry, Andrew.

  4. Surprised you forgot the Andy/Andrew thing. Over my knee for a spanking.

  5. oh Andrew, you do tease


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