Thursday, April 13, 2006

Medals for the helpers

The Brighton antique dealer's toyboy received a medal for his services as a Commonwealth Games volunteer, as did blogging mate M!key

Sadly I doubt there will be much rarity value of these medals, but it a nice recognition for the volunteers.

A fellow building resident is a city volunteer and she works a day a week in the info shop, downstairs at Fed Square. She has done this since Fed Square opened and was a city volunteer long before this. Of course she wanted to be a Games volunteer, but their bosses pleaded with them to stay at their posts. She obliged but is well annoyed that the normal city volunteers who give their time, week in and year out received nothing. She spends part of her week here and part at her house in Ocean Grove. Her week revolves around her one day at the info shop. I do think she has a point.

As you can see by the photos below (or will they appear above?), by two similar phones, same brand, are very dependant on the operator. You can guess which pic is mine, taken in a pub under a light, and which one is M!keys.

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