Friday, April 14, 2006

The dangers of straight bois flirting with gays

Many straight bois do it. That is, flirt with gay workmates. Mostly it is harmless and nothing will come of it but sometimes it can go too far, sometimes the 'deed' might even happen and sadly sometimes someone might get hurt or aggrieved. It probably happens among straights in a work environment too.

In my workplace, I have heard that 'compensation' can be had for swapping a shift with someone. If that person is desperate enough to not work their own shift and they want yours, a cash amount could be offered, or even a favour of whatever you could imagine.

I add here that I have never heard of an individual instance of this. It is pure rumour. But I think it would be niave of me to not think that it does happen.

What do I do when a straight workmate who I flirt with and think is hot as, sends me an sms pleading for my shift? He was asking me to do him a favour and give him my shift so that he can attend a wedding. I replied that it did not suit me at all and but perhaps we could come to an arrangment. I phrased it a bit more frankly really, very frankly and specifically in fact. I knew he would not do it. I knew I would run a mile if he said yes (straight guys are just too hard work. I like guys who like guys as much as I do).

He sms back and politely declined.

I saw him three times subsequently. The first time he waved at me and the next two times, ignored me totally.

Oops, I went too far. No more flirting from him. No fun or nice chats. I was truly regretful and remorseful, but not to the point of apologising. If you are straight and flirt with a gay guy, it might come at a cost. No, no, no. I respect him for it. I like straight guys who are straight. I can't bear the ones who might play on the other side on the odd occasion. You can have cake and eat it sometimes, but you won't at my expense.

Selfishness always overcomes pride. Today he sms me about another shift swap and this time it did suit me and I answered yes to him, without any bribe request. Formal agreement made.

Passes the time I suppose, no harm seems do have been done.


  1. Walk up to him with your cock flopped out, and demand a blowjob as payment. It's only fair.

  2. Rather do his brother actually who used to work at GH, arrogant little prick he is.