Monday, April 10, 2006

Blue, red, green

Three bright lights have appeared on our horizon towards St Kilda and all within a short space of time. One is red, one is blue, the last green. They are all quite separate and unrelated. I have worked out two of three.

The blue to the left is a new advertising sign at St Kilda Junction. I have only seen it from a tram and not the road, so not sure how well it will show to motorists.

The green is neon tubes around the top of the new St Kilda Pier kiosk. The re-creation of the original kiosk is absolutely marvellous. But I am not sure about the green neon tubes.

The unsolved one is red and probably in Fitzroy Street.

Once they turn off the bloody bright construction lights in Albert Park, I will once again be able to lie in bed and see the coloured lights of the buoys in the bay.

1 comment:

  1. That blue light at SK Junction is particularly disturbing, especially at night when it is quite bright. I've seen the ANZ ad on it (money, yenom, we know it backwards (yeah, good one)), and that's about it. Octopus Media Solutions (make it bigger, brighter and more irritating than the competition) apparently operate it and frankly I'm surprised that such a blight got approved. Then again, maybe I'm not so shocked...