Friday, March 24, 2006

What is in a name?

Well, a name is quite important as are location names. I was amused to see an ad in the RACV journal for smart new development called Martha Cove. There was a picture of the marina that has been built.

Hang on, I know this place. It is Safety Beach. How is it called Mount Martha? Better consult the Melways. Well, the address of their office is wrong. It should be 140 Bruce Rd, Safety Beach. Doesn't quite have the same ring as Mount Martha does it? I think some of the development may well be in Mount Martha, but a good bit of it is in Safety Beach, as is certainly the marina.

Blurring the boundaries will leave some locals unimpressed. Having a Mouth Martha address adds above $100,000 to a property.

Sources within our building tell me that both the local council and the overseas developer are in a bit of financial strife over it. A fortune was spent to build the road under the water in the marina. I would not touch it with a barge pole (hmm, that is nearly a pun).

Having said that, we once rented a two story holiday house at what I thought was Safety Beach, but it turns out that it was in Mount Martha. It had a spiral staircase and the bedrooms had sharply angled ceilings, too low for me in parts. Our dog who was just a young pup managed the climb up the stairs easily, but could not get down again. She would sit at the top and whimper. Sadly it was later demolished.

Safety Beach is very nice though, so if you are thinking of a Sunday drive, check it out. But look suspiciously at any mail that comes from Mount Martha, 3936.

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