Friday, March 31, 2006

They're back!

I should have guessed yesterday when I arrived home and the media were in front of the building. I haven't caught up with the full story as yet, but it seems the (in)famous bearded media person is in trouble again.

When I walked out this morning, they were back, one lounging against what was clean glass. "I think this part is private property", said I. "You should be out on the footpath". "I wasn't aware that it was", said one. I was waiting for a bus and sure enough, they had moved to the footpath. Whether I was right or not, does not matter.

It is nothing to do with the subject, I just hate the intrusive way the media operate. They are still there at noon.

So far as I know, the person who they are interested in, normally doesn't leave the building until mid afternoon to go to his workplace. Temp building manager says they have the car park staked out too. There is another less known way out but I aren't saying.


  1. A few weeks ago I saw on that Today Tonight show with the slutty whorebag presenting, a story about a leb who had 9483 wives and was collecting welfare payments for them all.

    So, TT went round to his shop and harassed him, until he got mad and tried to rip the camera from away from the camerabitch.

    Good on him, I reckon.

  2. Dole cheater v media. That is a hard one. Ah, but we know where crim lover Naomi's affections lie.