Friday, March 24, 2006

Our ABC and our town

It was a nice morning to be out and about so I took a quick trip into town.

I called in on The ABCs outside radio broadcast at Fed Square, The G Spot. I intended staying for five minutes and watch the change over from AM to John Faine's program. Instead I was mesmerised and stayed until nine. Watching radio being broadcast is very interesting. Sports Minister, Justin Madden was an interviewee and he looked very relaxed. Nice to see what Hilary Harper, the traffic reporter, looks like too. After Tony Eastly signed off from AM, he came out and bade the crowd farewell personally.

I walked up Swanston St on the eastern side and noticed how cracked the bluestone paving is, no doubt from heavy construction vehicles. But it adds character to the footpath and I rather like it. One part of Swanston Street is lined with planter boxes full of salvia of different colours and where I walked, you walk between them. Very nice. For once I did not notice any nasty smells, such as from bird droppings or horse manure. I ate bacon and eggs at the outdoor cafe opposite the town hall, followed by a nice cup of coffee, then home again to make umpteen phone calls and send umpteen emails.

No work today, so I am a very gay happy laddie.

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