Friday, March 31, 2006

New toy New toy

We have been looking at new cordless phones for sometime, like a couple of years. Although ours works well, it is an ugly beast with large clunky handsets. We were strolling around a large office supply store and there were some good buys, so we chose one
although only with one extra handset.

Waiting for the sixteen hours for it to fully charge before you can play with it is very frustrating. A boy just is dying to play with his new toy. It took about two hours to set up and enter all the stored numbers. It is full of features that we will never use. They are so much more like mobile phones now, which does make for easier settting up. I have a fixed line phone in my bedroom, so R gets the extra handset for his bedroom. Handy for when 'confused' overseas relatives call at 3 am.

The extra handset has an alarm function, so he thought he might use that instead of his bedside clock, but it is far too un-user friendly. The sms feature is a bit laborious to use too. One real disappointment is that, unlike the old one, the second handset does not pick up the phone book from the first handset. There is a help number to call, so I will ask them at some point. I am not spending an hour entering them all again. The phone book is larger than our old one, so I have entered many more numbers and it works like a mobile, enter the first letter of the name of who you are calling and then scroll a little if needed. The old one was either just scroll through, or remember the assigned 2 digit number for that person.

The main thing of course is sound quality, and it is good.


  1. Sound quality is very important and it's always a bit of a gamble. I bought a "corded" phone a few years back and it was the equivalent of admitting to leprosy. It was wonderful (especially when you could say "No, that shitty reception is your end!"). Still, about 6 months ago I went running back into the arms of cordless and it's been great. However, give most cordless phones a couple of years, and the buttons start to go, too.

  2. On the odd occasion I use my landline bedroom phone, usually when it rings and I am in the shower, I am amazed at the clarity and closeness of the person on the other end. There is no comparison.

    Our old handset's buttons had worn out but a friend had the same phone and was getting rid of it, so he gave us the hand sets. Although they looked the same, the buttons had a different feel and are much better than our originals. Same phone, but updated a bit I think.