Sunday, March 19, 2006

Love story or wife cheater

This is a tale of a love story or a morally reprehensible pretender at religion. I like this guy. He is the same age as me and I have worked with and known him for a long time. He is from Indonesia, been here since he was about 20. He was a judo expert and still has a good physique. But at my age I look for a bit more and with him, the charm comes from within.

I qualify this with, yes I fancy him rotten. No chance of course, but no matter. He went bright red and became very embarrased when I suggested to him that he either was very good at sex or had a big dick.

I helped him a bit to get online back in about 1999. I told him it might it might change his life. It was just a general warning. I had no info apart from knowing him to back that up.

So my co-worker went online and into chat sites as a transport engineer. I used to joke about that a lot with him.

He soon found love on the innernet and committed to meeting. As a straight, mosque going, ramadan observing husband, and father of two teenage sons, I was a bit gobsmakacked at his revelation.

He has fallen totally in love with a rich business woman in his old country, Indonesia. He has travelled o/s to meet her a few times, they have travelled together to KL and S'pore. She always picks up the bill. He is my age and she is now 32. They first met six years ago.

As he described it to me, it sounded like one of the most romantic tales I have ever heard. She has never asked him about his private life back here in Australia. She still thinks he is a transport engineer as he said to her, Aussies never talk about work when they are holiday, so she never asks about his work.

She opened a new branch of her stores in Bali, so he often meets her there. She bought a house there, but they always stay in a posh hotel. The first time he went there to meet her, he booked an expensive hotel for two nights. She said the location was bad and they would stay in a hotel of her choosing. He said it was a stunning hotel. When he was asked by her if he she wanted the other hotel sorted out to get his money returned, he declined as he did not want to seem cheap. $500 down the drain his said to me, but what could I do?

Naturally he wonders about the future of this. Why doesn't she find someone for a more conventional relationship. He asked her and she replied that many men of her status find her threatening. Any time he tries to bring up discussion of where they may go in the future so far as their relationship, or anything along those lines, she answers him thus. I am always happy with you. But one day you will not want to be with me. When that time comes, I will accept it with grace. There is nothing more to say and it is pointless to discuss it.

She is fond of marshmellow, so he often buys her some. When he gave her a $2000 ring, he passed it off as a fake thet he received because he buys so much marshmellow. She knew better of course.

So the net changed his life, as that is how they met, in a chatroom. Because of the time diffrence, he is often up very late chatting to her.

She stayed in Australia once. She also booked her own hotel, but he insisted that she change it to the more convenient for him, Hotel Saville in South Yarra. That's the old Octagon Motel.

Although it is quite different, it does remind me a movie I remember fondly, Same Time Next Year. I guess it was a chick flick, but I enjoyed it a lot and felt a connection to the concept in the movie.

He was all set to tell me more tonight, but we did not have time. I was going to drag out the sex business of the r'ship some more and get some juicy details. It will keep.

From another source, I have discovered that she is married too and also that my mate's wife also knows about her. His wife accepts it and is confident that if he had to choose, he would choose her, his wife. He said as much to me.

Oh well, I guess Moslems have practiced polygamy for many centuries. This is just a variation.

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