Saturday, March 25, 2006

Just simple but nice

R was warned in advance, the tram would be like a can of sardines and the one that carted us into town was. He only had biffo at one person who was standing in the doorway and deliberately blocking others getting into the tram with her sideways stance and her large back pack.

We were to meet our dyke friend and her partner to eat in town and lo and behold, there our friends partner was standing in the tram safety zone where we arrived to catch the tram into the city.

We met up, and after getting a bottle or two of red and white from Vintage Cellars in Little Bourke Street, we et at Lemon Bistro. The name is way wrong. It is a Thai restaurant. Somehow Thai and Bistro don't normally go together. It is not expensive but the food and the service has never let us down. I can't help being cheap.

We were supposed to be at the Yarra riverbank to see the fish display at 9pm, but meeting to eat at 7, see the fish at 9 did not quite work.

We did walk along the Yarra Bank for a bit and as we about to leave, I checked the time, 9.48. Oh, we may as well stay for the 10pm show then. We did and it was great. In my and your time, we may never see the Yarra used like that again. If you have missed it bad luck, last show tomorrow night.

I instinctively knew to bolt as soon as the show was over. Even so, the tram was packed coming home.

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  1. I agreee, the fish were good. Sadly, I work in a workplace of people who seem to have been perpetualy down on the games and the fish. However, I'm glad that others appreciated what went on this past fortnight.