Saturday, March 25, 2006

Jealous over the border

Do I detect a little jealousy here? Read more of this nonsense at the Sydney Daily Telegraph
Gee, and I thought our own Herald Sun was pretty crook as papers go.

Trams might fly

March 25, 2006

WE hosted the best Olympic Games ever with a showcase of international stars lauded around the world. They had a duck and a flying tram.

But Prime Minister John Howard yesterday fuelled the inter-city rivalry by claiming Melbourne was a better Games host than Sydney.

In what might be seen as a cynical attempt to bolster support south of the border, Mr Howard said Melbourne's sense of "community cohesion" and "common attitude" made it better than any other city to hold big events following the success of the Commonwealth Games.

Not withstanding the fact he chooses to make his home in Sydney, rather than Canberra or "Melboring", Mr Howard told Melbourne radio host Neil Mitchell: "Melbourne does things better. Better than any other city because there is a sense of community cohesion and a common attitude in Melbourne like no other city.

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