Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Hallmark

We took a gander at The Hallmark in St Kilda Rd on Sunday. It was known as the Travelodge but in it's last incarnation, Holiday Inn.

It was somewhat of a disappointment. The public areas were nice enough, the entrance ok, although I have noticed in the last couple of days that the water feature has failed. Bad sheng fui.

The landings were just long passages. Original hotel corridors perhaps. The kitchens were well fitted but small and not much bench space. The bedrooms were tiny. Balconies very small. Small sized individual air con units. We did not see one bedroom that had a proper door and we looked at four different units. The bathrooms were pretty good, and wow, what I huge shower. That is until I realised it contained a combined washing machine/dryer. Electricity and water are an interesting mix. None had any more than roll up interior screens as window blinds. No chance of a dark room.

Although the pool looked nice, it could only really be described as a plunge pool, not big enough for laps.

I am afraid there was not much bang for you buck, and quite high bucks at that.

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