Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Fun on a bus

I haven't had fun on a bus since I was a teen. No, I am not telling. My fun today was a little more mundane but it amsued me none the less, for a short time before becoming tedious.

The buses I catch are mostly quite new and have the suspension arranged so that the bus can tilt when at a stop to allow easier access for the less able bodied. The suspension also adjusts itself to what the bus is doing. Once stationary, with a bit of a hiss of air, a tilt forward, a tilt to the side and it levels it.

Today the bus I was on must have had faulty suspension. When the doors opened, it tipped to the left hard, then when the doors shut, it levelled out. But worse was when it was just staionary. It went up and down side to side, tilted at the front, righted itself. It was in stop start traffic and it distracted me and amused me enough for me to stop reaking and watch how people were reacting. In the stoic Melbourne manner, they refused to notice the obvious. No one will ever comment on a defect on Melbourne trams. The only time you see any reaction is if there is a lot of smoke, usually from a tram.

Most of us now becoming seasick travellers alighted at Chapel Street.


  1. Did you get bus wood?

  2. Lol, I remember you metioning that ages ago. I don't suffer from that complaint. Public transport has the opposite effect.