Monday, March 20, 2006

Commonwealth Games cycling

Most gay guys find fit cyclists hot. They are usually fit with very tight ass muscles and nice legs. Their lycra gear exposes them, although some try to reduce/cover up. I expect even straight guys check out cyclists bulges, just for comparative reasons of course. Pray that they never do the jogger thing of wearing tight lycra with baggy shorts over the top. It just makes me think they have something very small to hide. Be out and proud of what you have. Girls and boys will admire.

(Significant spelling error corrected later along with qualification of guys)


  1. It's always tantalising to see.

  2. I do find that I recieve more male attention than female attention when out and about on the bike... I have attributed this to my sexy-assed bike, but maybe I am naive?

  3. Only guys who are really interested in bikes would be looking for that reason.